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I'm so glad you found your way here. 

therapy for children, teens, and young adults in Denver, Colorado

therapy in Denver
play therapy in Denver
EMDR in Denver


experience the fullness of life again

You're probably here because there is a part of you that knows you were created for more. You were made for deeper connections, more freedom and laughter, a greater sense of purpose and fullness of life.  


Life is hard. And somewhere along the way we begin relating to ourselves and others from a place of fear and woundedness. We numb ourselves, make ourselves small, and hide the parts that we fear will be rejected. We get stuck in patterns of feeling unlovable, unworthy, afraid, and disconnected from joy. 

Therapy can help you realign with your true self and find compassion and healing for the parts that feel stuck.


I provide space for clients to take a deep breath, untangle their stories, and come back to their inner sense of knowing and safety. It is an honor to walk with clients as they uncover who they are and find the joy in the journey of becoming. 

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